Commission Prices

Head and shoulders  $350
Full body  $450
Each additional subject  $100

Pet portraits  $250
Inclusion of pet in portrait with person  $100
Exception: equine  $200

Pricing begins at 16" x 20". Size of portrait is to be determined according to
composition and client request. One third down is required at the onset of
the commission.  Final fee is due upon approval by the client of an image of
the completed painting.

To Begin: Either in person or by email I will discuss setting up a time and
place to meet to have a photography session.  If, due to variables, a meeting
is not possible, then I can paint from your photograph(s) in jpeg format.

Photography: I will take as many digital photographs as necessary to
capture best images for final composition.

Preliminary: I will create a water color to show basic color, setting, and
composition from photo references for approval before starting to paint.

Delivery:  Either in person, or by photo of painting in email, the painting
will be considered completed upon client satisfaction.  Arrangements will
then be made for delivery.
The Process

Only the finest Belgian linen is used for commissioned works.  Each canvas is hand-stretched. High-quality
oils ensure your precious memories are preserved as a museum quality piece of art. After a required drying
time of approximately two to four weeks, a light coat of protective varnish is applied.

A photographed image (film or digital) can be used as a basis for the painting.  Several images are preferred
to find the qualities necessary to produce a painting that captures the subject as closely as possible.

My goal is to present you not with a photographic likeness, but a 'painterly' quality piece.  This can include a
background that is loosely impressionistic, although likeness of each subject is of paramount importance.
An example of a reference photo